Video Painting :
This group is made of 2 pieces that build on the concept of painting with video. The pieces in this group are truly interactive as the visitors are encouraged not only to incorporate their image into the piece but actively paint and change the whole appearance of the piece, becoming the artists themselves. Video material is inherently rich in content, color and form and I find it to be an excellent source of raw material for my interactive pieces. With the addition of the internet the amount of video material available for incorporation is limitless.

Paint-Cam 2003
Custom software running on a computer connected to the internet. Size - variable. Paint-Cam is similar in concept to Easel. The visitors are invited to create their own collage using various video sources. This time the video sources are not local but rather 50 web cameras from around the world. The web cameras are located in famous locations such as Eiffel Tower and Times Square, and also in private settings such as a barber-shop in Japan.

Paint-Cam at the Israel Museum

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