Video Painting :
This group is made of 2 pieces that build on the concept of painting with video. The pieces in this group are truly interactive as the visitors are encouraged not only to incorporate their image into the piece but actively paint and change the whole appearance of the piece, becoming the artists themselves. Video material is inherently rich in content, color and form and I find it to be an excellent source of raw material for my interactive pieces. With the addition of the internet the amount of video material available for incorporation is limitless.

Easel - 1998
projection surface, video projector, live-feed video cameras, paint brush made with fiber optic bristles and infrared light, computer, custom software. Size - variable.
Easel is built to look like a painter’s easel. It is equipped with a brush and three “paint cans”. By dipping the brush into one of the paint cans and then painting on the canvas the visitors can create unique collages made of video of themselves

Easel at NYU - ITP

Collages Created With Easel By Viewers

QuickTime movie of Wooden Mirror
(Click to view)