Paint-Cam 2002 is a Shockwave tool that lets you paint collages using content from many live Web-Cams around the world. When the page is loaded it receives a list of about 80 Web-Cams and loads their current image into "paint cans" . The images are then constantly refreshed as frequently as possible. The artist (you) can select any of the "paint cans" as your source, and create a collage of many places in the world by painting in the frame above.

If you select the "Live Paint" button then the "paint" you are painting with is alive and will change over time, even after you have painted with it, so expect to see your collage change over time (every few minutes) as the images from the cameras change over the day.

When " Live Paint" is selected the painting is constantly being recorded to memory. After painting something, wait for a while (a few minutes or even better a few hours) and then try the slider, it will show you how your painting has changed over time.

Paint-Cam 2002 is an on-line adaptation of my piece "Easel 1998" . In that piece a physical easel and paintbrush are used to paint images from various video cameras. The Web affords a unique opportunity to collect stunning visual information from around the world. The act of collaging or painting is a great way to gap the great distances, cultural and time differences into one image that manifests the strength of this medium.

Have fun. (Have a Web-Cam that you want to include in "Paint-Cam"? Let me know

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